Month: August 2017

The potential Festival Qingming Tourism analysis of word search keywords


keyword analysis tool, here I used only as a reference index of Shanghai love love Shanghai official, of course, there are some other search engine traffic here temporarily do not consider. Only from the "Qingming tourism" and "tourism Tomb-sweeping Day" searches the two key words of the last month we can find the search volume is quite large, of which two words the average search index were 600 and 800, a month’s search index probably in 18000 and 24000.

in one of the words is very important, this kind of word is a sudden outbreak of seasonal words, master these words can help us get more traffic during this outbreak, more transformation. Each industry basically has its own season, the season when some words will rise, such as the tourism industry, the surge during every day for holiday tourism + words suddenly in nature, so how to optimize this kind of words? How can we really from these words get more traffic, I according to the word "Qingming Tourism" to make a simple analysis with you, because contact with the industry is relatively shallow, so there are inadequacies please understand. read more

What is the website ranking how to rely on before you do the original intention

? ?Many webmaster do website ?

three, improve website ranking of the core factor is what

recently I every day from the webmaster forums to see the most is the site ranking in front of the topic, ask these questions most webmaster is to do a search optimization for a year or so to the search engine ranking rules sciolistic state. They are looking for a breakthrough, find a way to beat the competition, the author also discuss some views on my website ranking.

two, we do consider what

2. I think it’s not their chain of low weight, the content of write well. I think these Adsense website poor user experience? Is a site of the main visitor missing". read more

Fuzhou decoration company through a web page ranking centralization

URL path is divided into three types:

The second part is the

What is the

URL format URL format consists of the following three parts:

The first part is the

site URL: URL is what we call the web site, such as: Fuzhou decoration company 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/, he is a URL.

Disadvantages: special characters,

domain name: www.wlzscl贵族宝贝

protocol such as HTTP (or service);

What is URL:

1. had path pseudo static, repeat shield with ROBOTS.TXT dynamic path caused no path

is not optimized may cause data loss spiders love Shanghai. read more

Google shopping search PPC or push into money machine

and the development trend of the most likely future is: with more and more enterprises to join Google shopping for advertising, advertising prices continue to rise, resulting in more and more small and medium-sized enterprises were turned on the threshold.


and Samir’s explanation is, establish business relationship and businesses will encourage them to ensure higher quality data, such as the exact price of products, the new product availability and so on, for consumers, means better shopping search results, which will also bring more high quality traffic business. read more

Optimization of K station why love over the sea

was really a bit disappointed, but as a warning for the future, or.

some time ago, took over the operation of a nursery site, upload edit website content one day, adjust the website related parameters, by comparing the competition website keyword density, a reasonable set of web page keyword density, to a certain extent, personally think that the website construction is completed, the next step is related to operation.

: fourth months to find and solve problems

love Shanghai search engine on the new assessment period is three months, therefore, the new station was established, mainly to do the content, write some original articles uploaded to the website as in the past, hard work pays off, after nearly two weeks, Shanghai love finally included website home page. The next work is to update information, because of the original articles to a certain extent is a time-consuming work, from the angle of efficiency, the appropriate increase in the number of false original article, after all, love Shanghai spiders in the pseudo original works are not absolutely blocked, so every update three article two article of the original information, a pseudo original, so every day, soon I found that the site command results included many articles, surprise is domain. There are also some included, I updated information is translated into effective links. read more

How to optimize the station website pictures

second, should pay attention to is not added some search engines to identify the label "ALT properties" this website is a picture of "straw" don’t give up!

fourth, you should pay attention to the size and format, it is best not to put some very special format, it may not be easy to be included, even if it is indexed by the search engines, users browse to the downloaded opportunity is very small, so we lost the intention of optimization picture.

picture website optimization need to pay attention to the following points, if you do not have to see the next web traffic is not great, if you do look up how much traffic, don’t tell anyone! read more

What do the 6 28 Shanghai dragon Er five hundred years

finally, certainly we no longer fear! Shanghai dragon itself is a continuous development of new things, is we need to study and summarize. Think about this change two years Shanghai dragon industry, we have determined to do 6.28, Shanghai dragon Er

from the Hefei decoration company www.ahgyzs贵族宝贝 Admin5 first, please keep the link

actually, we need not so, we should calmly treat this change! We love Shanghai really admitted that the algorithm updates the intensity is relatively large, but we don’t need to be afraid! In fact, if not to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er to update algorithm we do what? Every optimization of a good website, has been the same, there are several station needs optimization, there are several station to optimize! Love Shanghai this algorithm is better, but the change itself is a normal algorithm of search engine read more

Use some strategies to optimize the software secret Shanghai Dragon

you may not know what this is, is simply the agent used for IP, many times the forum or blog will be IP, this can be spared, but I generally do not have here, because the forum and blog will seal, basically you can not approach or they don’t allow do you change in IP, in the same hair will still be blocked, a title, before you send the content directly deleted light, white and so on

, how is the effect? how?The

many people are using this software, also often listen to some Adsense said is not good, the site came right. Personally feel that this software is very easy to use, no matter in mining resources, or mass are very sharp, especially as Google optimization, website ranking rose a sharp knife, benefited in every way. In my company, I was responsible for software bugs in the use and maintenance of the software, I haven’t used directly in the main station, but indirect, indirect read more

What are the preparations for SEM basic knowledge and early bidding

so a person how to start bidding, I was divided into several aspects about all the knowledge, first you must understand the bidding, to learn through love marketing center in Shanghai, all the courses center which all need understand, don’t understand to love Shanghai encyclopedia, the need of self-learning ability and strong people understand all the love marketing center of Shanghai course, then congratulations, you have almost theoretical knowledge can begin operation.

auction is SEM (search engine marketing), bidding simply said the above ranking promotion competition is the use of the competition mechanism in the search engine, the more high ranking, your ad exposure is greater, show Click amount, at this time the user clicks in transactions on your website, website revenue this, the vernacular expression, believe that white one can understand. read more

The image of love to create Shanghai Encyclopedia

long fast encyclopedia brand publicity

love Shanghai encyclopedia is a gold mine, filled with a variety of value. For example, the high quality of the chain, and create a stable source of traffic image, where the author tells the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love with the image to create problems.

encyclopedia views undoubtedly belongs to the long-term growth of this form, for our webmaster, especially for enterprise promotion station webmaster, Encyclopedia of the corporate image building, publicity is more than advertising more affordable, and long-term. This paper consists of 贵族宝贝 finishing editing, reproduced please keep the source. read more