Hard work or overburdened? Indian students spend long hours on studying, says report

first_imgA Cambridge study has revealed that Indian students are more focused on extra classes and co-curricular activities than their peers in other countries.According to a study conducted by an education group Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International), which is a part of the Cambridge University, approximately two-third of Indian students take extra tuition for key subjects after school, 72 per cent participate in co-curricular activities and 74 per cent play sports regularly in school.The findings of the study further added that Indians are also ranked high on the time spent doing homework, with 40 per cent students spending two to four hours on their homework every day while a good 37 per cent spend the same time over the weekend too.For the study, the researchers enrolled 20,000 teachers and students around the world, including 4,400 teachers and 3,800 students across India. India and China are on the same page when it comes to students taking extra classes with 58 per cent.Debating is the most popular extracurricular activity in India with 36 per cent students taking part in debates as an extracurricular activity. Furthermore, the study underlined that most of the teachers in India don’t feel pressurized to ensure their students perform well whereas Indian parents have a keen interest in their children’s education.The study findings have been presented in Global Education Census.ALSO READ | JNU admin rejects allegations of slashing library fundsALSO WATCH | This small-town school in Bengal teaches students with apps and storybookslast_img

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