Southern Saskatchewan provincial parks getting swimming and campground upgrades

Several provincial parks in southern Saskatchewan will be getting facility and infrastructure upgrades in time for the 2020 camping season.The provincial government is spending nearly $7.8 million on the upgrades, which are listed below.A new swimming pool and related facility replacement at Buffalo Pound. A new campground service centre at Danielson and a service centre upgrade at Douglas. Major road improvements at Echo Valley. A campground electrical upgrade and expansion at Pike Lake and Saskatchewan Landing. Boat launch upgrades at Crooked Lake and Moose Mountain, and completion of boat launch improvements at Buffalo Pound. Full service campsites at Rowan’s Ravine First phase of a water system upgrade at Duck Mountain. Other upgrades to provincial parks that have already been completed include:A new visitor reception centre and full-service campground at Echo Valley. Water system expansions at Echo Valley and Moose Mountain. Campground electrical upgrades and expansions at Moose Mountain and Cypress Hills. Swimming pool building/waterslide improvements and a new play structure at Pike Lake.

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