UN and US collaborating on Iraq Annan and top Washington envoy reaffirm

“We are working very well together,” Mr. Annan said after meeting with Paul Bremer, the US Administrator in Iraq, as well as the UN envoy, Sergio Vieira de Mello. Confirming this view, Mr. Bremer said their “good discussion” touched on “the many ways in which the United Nations and its specialized agencies can help us with the urgent task of reconstruction in Iraq and the efforts to create a political council which will be representative of the Iraqi people and in the efforts to move forward towards an elected democratic government in Iraq on the basis of a new constitution.””I’m delighted with the meeting we’ve had here today and with the outlook for further cooperation,” the US envoy added.The three officials discussed the formation of the interim Iraqi authority, the Secretary-General said, stressing that the UN’s experience would be important with respect to the tasks of elaborating a constitution and holding elections. “Mr. de Mello, who has done similar work in other parts of the world, is working very closely with the Iraqis and Mr. Bremer to ensure that we do have this smooth transition from the Coalition to the establishment and creation of an Iraqi government down the line.”

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