Almost 12000 fans voted for the Worlds Best Female Coach

← Previous Story Poland win Provident Cup Next Story → Martin and Gyor celebrate 2013 KIM RASMUSSEN (66%, 7,714 Votes)MARTIN AMBROS (15%, 1,804 Votes)MORTEN SOUBAK (13%, 1,540 Votes)DRAGAN ADZIC (3%, 333 Votes)JAN PYTLICK (3%, 311 Votes)Total Voters: 11,702 Here is the explanation of the Voting process for the World’s Best Coach in Women’s Handball 2013. made the Jury consisted of the handball specialized journalists from 12 countries (Germany, Brazil, Austria, Serbia, Spain, Montenegro, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Romania and Norway) and the last member were fans. All the Jury members gave the three names per position with 3, 2 and 1 point, while the fans’ opinion was calculated different with 10,7,5, 3 and 1 point.The biggest support of the fans had Polish head-coach Kim Rasmussen with 66& of all votes.WORLD’S BEST COACH IN WOMEN’S HANDBALL 2013?

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