Image of Wii 2 appears is it real

first_imgWhenever a new console is announced we usually get a few mock-ups appearing on the Web. I remember there were quite a few for the PSP. But an image has appeared today that is supposed to be the Wii 2, otherwise known as Project Cafe.We can’t confirm this is real, but it does conform to the diagram we saw of the console from a developer meeting video posted yesterday. Here’s the diagram from that video which I think you’ll agree is pretty close in design:AdChoices广告The leaked image is devoid of any Nintendo branding, and could just be a developer unit meaning this is by no means the final case. In terms of size, it looks to be a similar size to the original PS3. We doubt it will be that big for the final release though, reinforcing the fact this is most likely a developer unit.I was also sceptical earlier today about the size of the controller. It’s rumored to have a 6-inch display built in meaning it will be huge and heavy. There’s also meant to be a stylus for input which seems counterintutive.As far as this case picture goes, it doesn’t look too bad. It’s certainly better than the original PS3 design, and the curved top gives it a distinctive look. It’s certainly better than the box of the Wii console, although I did like how small that was.One concern is the lack of ventilation. Can you see any holes in the case to allow for expelled hot air? Either it’s all hidden around the back of the unit, or Nintendo hasn’t used components that produce a lot of heat. That usually translates to less than cutting edge performance.Read more at Destructoidlast_img

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