SanDisk introduces mammoth 800GB SSD for the enterprise

first_imgWhile the performance and power-saving features offered by solid state drives have plenty of upsides, they’re still somewhat hampered by comparatively low capacities and high price per gigabyte. Nevertheless, the shift to solid-state storage is well under way, and momentum behind SSD sales and developments will continue building now that SanDisk has thrown down the gauntlet when it comes to high-capacity drives.The company has just introduced a half dozen new 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives for its Lightning series: three SLC drives with capacities of 100, 200, and 400GB and three MLC drives at 200, 400, and a titanic 800GB. These new drives were made possible in part by SanDisk’s $327 million acquisition of Pliant Technology — which developed SSDs designed to replace Fiber Channel drives in servers, including PCIe-pluggable flash storage.As is typically the case with new advances in storage, it’s enterprise customers who will reap the benefits of SanDisk’s new offerings first. That’s due in part to the enterprise SSD market ballooning to more than a billion dollars this year — and up to $4 billion by 2015 according to some estimates.It’s still good news for consumers, even if the price points for the new Lightning drives is sure to be way outside most enthusiasts’ budgets. Eventually the boosted capacities will trickle down to retail channels as well, and you’ll be scooping up multi-hundred gigabyte SSDs for less than a buck a gig. In the meantime, however, we’ll have to content ourselves with reading up on the new drives in SanDisk’s official press release.More at SanDisk and ZDNetlast_img

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