Pogoplug Cloud offers up 5GB of free storage in addition to whats

first_imgPogoplug, the remote access service that let’s you connect to your hardware, has officially launched their own cloud. This is a free online storage service that offers users 5GB of space to store whatever data they’d like. Unlike Pogoplug’s remote access services, their Cloud offering does not require any hardware components from the user. The service can augment products like the Pogoplug device and Pogoplug’s software for computers, but won’t replace them.The key here is that the Pogoplug Cloud will work with Pogoplug hardware, desktop apps, and mobile apps (iOS and Android). Some of the perks include auto-uploading of images and videos from mobile devices, streaming from the cloud to mobile devices (just like with Pogoplug Premium), and the ability to share files using popular social networks. It’s basically Pogoplug, but using someone else’s hard drives.But, why would Pogoplug offer cloud storage when they already do a bang-up job with remote access? The important thing to note is that this service is only additive. Users get 5GB free, to use or ignore as they would like. Strategically, Pogoplug seems to want to draw in as many people as possible with the free cloud storage. After that they might very well want to link up their hard drive and expand the data they have available. This is essentially a way to complete with, and one-up, cloud-based services like DropBox.While Pogoplug’s cloud data is limited, even if people want to pay, it will be faster than anything coming from a home device. This is because the data on a computer or USB hard drive has to go from the machine, through your home network, over to your laptop or smartphone. Using the cloud cuts down on that and means you are not limited by your home’s upload speed.If users would like more than 5GB of cloud storage then they can upgrade to paid accounts. 50GB of storage will go for $9.95 a month while 100GB will be $19.95 a month.Pogoplug works with any browser, regardless of OS, and has apps for Android and iOS. If you use those apps the cloud connection will enable it to automatically backup content on your device (namely images and video).last_img

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