Government budget ruffles Melbas feathers

first_imgAustralian musicians are set to feel the dramatic setback that has resulted from the recent Federal Budget decision to withdraw funding from the Melba Foundation. For many years the organisation has given many unrecognised Australian classical talents the opportunity to be recorded and their work distributed around the world. “Melba is an internationally recognised and acclaimed quality recording brand and has put Australian musicians on the map in Europe, America and increasingly in Asia,” Barry Tuckwell AC OBE, Chair of the Melba Foundation, said. “It is irreplaceable. It used to be that the only Australian musicians who were recognised abroad were those who lived in Europe. Those who stayed in Australia remained anonymous overseas. It would be a national tragedy if Melba Recordings ceased to exist. “My greatest personal concern, of course, is that Australia’s hugely talented musicians will find it more difficult to take their careers to the next level…It is so frustrating when so much is spent on our elite sports people, but the Government cannot find $1 million a year to support our very best musicians succeed internationally.” Melba’s achievements have been numerous over the years, with 67 CDs, 53 titles, the recording of 15 world premieres, and have been awarded prizes and honoured by the international music industry. Greek Australian Maria Vandamme, CEO and founder, is aware that Melba is the only organisation in Australia that carries out this role for classical musicians, and vows not to abandon the cause. “Too much has been gained for Australia’s international reputation as a cultured nation which values its musicians to drop the ball now. There is still a need for what we do,” Vandamme said. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

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