Are Star Wars Collectibles and Exclusives Getting Out of Hand

first_img Star Wars x Adidas Ultraboost Photos Have Leaked’Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form Stay on target These days there are so many Star Wars collectibles that, unless you are Steve Sansweet owner of Ranco Obi-Wan, it’s impossible to catch them all. Speaking with Steve this past weekend at Celebration Orlando, I learned a bit more about the Star Wars collectible world and how we are at a point of no return. When it becomes a challenge for even the official collector of Star Wars merchandise and memorabilia to obtain said items, a lot of hope may be lost for the ultimate completest.It’s not that these items are hard to find. But the fact that so much merchandise is being made at once that the turnover rate is astronomical! Now that the Star Wars brand is with Disney, more independent companies have their hands dipped into the galaxy far, far away. But how long do these contracts last to make Star Wars memorabilia? The answer is simple. Not long. Smaller companies are given a chance to let their brands flourish by designing unique items themed around Star Wars. Obviously, a few different departments are taking cuts from the small business, leaving them with the actual smallest cut of all. But if it helps their brand get recognized, then sometimes the small company can break even.Walking around the Celebration show floor, I found all sorts of really amazing and unique Star Wars items. Things that we only dreamed of when the marketing rights were strictly through Lucas. A lot of these items were made overseas and took quite a bit to make. These days small businesses are finding ways to make their products here in the states. The major catch is how fast the items can be turned around and if constant pre-orders can be met. Disney is always watching and dangling the galactic brand overhead. This can be troublesome for a new business. That is why small companies are charging insane amounts for their products.This is where quality takes over. Star Wars fans are the most devoted to the brand, and with every film, they are constantly growing. Smudged paint jobs and oddly pressed molds are for children ten and under. The casual and adult Star Wars fan is willing to skip this months car payment to pick up the latest statue from retailers such as Gentle Giant, Hot Toys or Kotobukiya. The paint jobs, mold work and costume detail on some of these items are instantly jaw dropping. But with quality comes less quantity. Fans will be at the ready to pre-order these items so quickly; they kill the site’s servers before most have a chance to order. In my last article, I talked about how fans were waiting four hours just to purchase a shirt and glass mug at the official Celebration Store. That was on Thursday. The lines on Sunday almost took up guests entire day just to get in and out with their “maybe still available” items.Disney knows how sought out the franchise is and that is why so many of these smaller companies are swimming around the shark tank, risking it all for a piece of the pie. With this, the problem is that prices begin to skyrocket because the demand is so high to limit buyers. But as I stated before, you get more bang for your buck if you actually manage to get in. Autographs from actors at shows used to cost you twenty dollars only about six or seven years ago. Now the same actors are charging upwards of two hundred dollars for one. Want a photo with them? That is part of a separate package. But the quality comes in, and Celebration promises an official certification with these autographs, something that had hardly ever been done before and now combatants against counter fitters.For Star Wars: A New Hope‘s 40th anniversary Sansweet decked out his booth with classic and retro memorabilia from most of our childhoods. It was interesting seeing how simple a quaint the marketing world was then, to the powerhouse it is today. The differences in the Kenner’s original Star Wars line to the Kotobukiya series we have today are vast. That just shows you how powerful this brand truly is. Smaller businesses put everything on the line to just obtain this brand, and for some, it has turned them into powerhouses. Sadly, we never hear of the ones who fail and loose everything or get absorbed for pennies to competitors.Just keep in mind the next time your favorite character gets immortalized in a light up statue, or this genre specific convention charges you three hundred dollars a head for admission. By not paying your car payment this month, are you really getting what you want in the end? Or are you helping the problem to the point where you fade away from the thing you loved most; just like the small companies who gave it their all to be a part of the ultimate brand?All photos were taken by the writer.last_img

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