Watch Drivers Stop to Let Dozens of Ducks Cross Busy Road in

first_imgStay on target Massive Python Swallows Entire Duck for Meal in AustraliaWorld’s Rarest Bird Thought to Be Extinct for 15 Years Gets New Home “Proof that there are more good people in this world than bad,” Ramunno wrote in her Facebook post, which has received more than 33,000 views so far. “Not one person in the two lines of traffic were beeping or impatient with these guys!”Facebook users also commented on the cute duck crossing and how it was nice to watch something positive online.“Thank you for sharing your video. With so much heartache and total devastation in this world, it’s always innocently refreshing to stumble across stories like this,” one person wrote. “I know it put a smile on my face as I have watched it three times.”Another responded, “Aww this started my day off with a much needed smile, love that there are many animal lovers in our world, we have ducks with babies in our backyard and it’s just so great watching them.”More on Python Swallows Entire Duck for Meal in AustraliaNew Species of Duck-Billed Dinosaur IdentifiedWatch: Polar Bear Eats Live Duck in Zoo Enclosure, Shocks Visitorscenter_img A massive group of ducks recently stopped traffic and crossed a busy road in Maine and it was an adorable sight for drivers who witnessed the waterfowl “parade.”On Wednesday morning, Karen Ramunno captured a video of the heartwarming moment and shared it on Facebook, WMTW Channel 8 News reported. In the video, the ducks crossed the five-lane road in two waves and according to Ramunno, drivers even waited for two stragglers in the group to safely make it to the other side.last_img

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