Players who make VAR gestures will be yellow carded UEFA

first_imgAccording to the European confederation referees chief Roberto Rosetti, any player who asks for the VAR with his hands will be penalized.The introduction of the Video Assitant Referee (VAR) technology in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia was a success.But some players and coaches have abused the technology by asking for the VAR to be checked even in small plays or inexistent fouls.The footballers or managers would then mimic the television-screen gesture with their hands to try to pressure the officials to check the VAR.But now, according to UEFA referees chief Roberto Rosetti any player caught during those gestures will be immediately sanctioned with a yellow card.UEFA wanted to wait until the next season to start using the VAR, but after pressure from the teams, it has chosen to use it starting this month.The VAR will be used in the knockout rounds of the UEFA Champions League, the Europa League Final, the Nations League finals and the 2020 Euro competition.“Any player who shows the shape of the TV screen needs to be cautioned,” said Rosetti according to Sky Sports.“And if they surround the referee, there must be disciplinary intervention.”“We want action in these situations,” he commented.gareth southgate, englandEngland and Bulgaria on a collision course over racism George Patchias – September 13, 2019 England’s concerns over racism in Bulgaria has sparked a furious row.Recently England manager Gareth Southgate expressed his concern over racist abuse being aimed at…“We don’t want to re-referee the match and destroy the spirit of football with three or four interruptions every match.”“There must be clear images for clear interventions,” he added.“VAR has to be insurance, a parachute for the referee.”Many experts believe the Video Assistant Referee technology was a success during last year’s FIFA World Cup, and many other leagues in the world are now using the technology to have a fairer competition.2⃣7⃣th Advanced course for Elite Referees in Lisbon 🇵🇹Learning 📝Sharing 🗣️Developing 🌱Preparing for 📺 😉It’s a privilege to work with so many top professionals from across the continent 👏— #UEFACongress (@UEFA) January 30, 2019last_img

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