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first_img World News English    Spanish    Portuguese    French    Russian     Korean    Japanese This week we cover: True Parents’ Victorious ReturnSpecial Breakfast to Celebrate True Parents’ Victorious ReturnHJ Cheonwon Special Pilgrimage for Patriotic Families True Parents Prepared by Peace TVClick on your preferred language to watch this week’s report: True Family (“Hanshik” Memorial Pledge Service at the Bonhyangwon and Paju Wonjeong)Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities (Myanmar: Koji and Setsuko Takashima complete blessing 430 couples/ Cote d’Ivoire: Launching Providential Institutions/ DR Congo: City of Esanga Tribal Messiah Activities/ Heavenly Japan: Subregion 1, March Forward Resolution Rally)Peace Activities (Heavenly Korea: WFWP, Lectures for Korean Citizens on the Significance of Unifying the Koreas/ Angola: WFWP, Women and Education in the Family, Society, and the World/ Cameroon: WFWP, Orphanage Service Activity/ Benin: Traveling Campaign for Peace)Youth Activities (Brazil: Home Group Activities and Three-day Divine Principle Workshop/ France: Cranes Club-Europe Annual Meeting/ Dominican Republic: CARP and Hyo Jeong Divine Principle Seminar/ Uruguay, Portugal, Costa Rica: Divine Principle Workshops)Major Events (True Parents’ Special HJ Cheonwon Gathering/ Sunhak Global Education Foundation: Inauguration of Chairman Song Yong-cheon/ Heavenly Japan: Subregion 4, Hyo Jeong Culture Festival)last_img

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