S log analysis tools EXCEL PivotTable

then the first 4 rows to delete, select the A column, click on the excel > data in >

file is too large may not operate, can be used to open UltraEdit, you want to get the screening data (specific to download a paper). The file is not large can use Notepad to open direct copy to EXCEL.


A1 then select the right column > > C D, and then inserted into the I column, E, delete. Enter in the first line: date, time, page, parameter, port, IP, spider status code in addition to explain the parameters, parameters of the dynamic page mark (?) back part. The path behind the 贵族宝贝huiwang.org/jiaju/chufang/5309_3.html parameter value is 3, then the combination is really URL is 贵族宝贝huiwang.org/jiaju/chufang/5309_3.ht>

IIS analysis tool on the Internet but many, but I did not meet can meet my requirements, the general is only the number of queries in the IIS log spider crawling. Following a relatively simple and very practical method, make a series of data to get through some simple formula of EXCEL, such as the time interval, crawl page, return a status code, URL parameters, the spider spider IP type, etc., through the above investigation data can be corrected on the website of the problem. You must first have their own server or to view the IIS log permissions through FTP IIS log files from space to download to a local server access log IIS: open IIS, click on the right button to check the web site > > > property; site tab > > property; you can see the figure if it is space some space service will log files on the root directory of the web site. Can request to the service provider if not.

then according to the path to search the corresponding folder so that you can see a lot of.Log file is the log file folder, and then downloaded to the local by FTP.



next > other > input space > the next step to complete >. So the first step is completed.

symbol segmentation;


If the



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