The search engine is more and more attention to the user experience how to get to Shanghai Dragon

, a website to build strong brand word. Your site name has the difference with the others, the word love Shanghai index should not be much competitive? So whether the word should be very easy to do even before the three first? As long as you do, and update the content, no cheating K or change the title or the program frequently etc. practice, it is very easy to do. As long as the website brand word ranking up here, love Shanghai not pay more attention to the user experience? Real Click to bring traffic count. You can find a few friends in different places (IP) search your website brand word, then click on the go, at least for three seconds, more than a few points within the page. Step by step, today invited 5 people to click on tomorrow, invited 10 people and so on, not a week, your brand word love Shanghai index on the table, with the weight up, but also promote other keywords rises.

Do Shanghai dragon

three, carefully set up Web content, reduce the rate of jump out. The search engine can be from a high bounce rate.

search engine is more and more attention to the user experience how to get to Shanghai dragon

under the new situation, a pot of wine that is mainly the four words: user experience. But the user experience of four words is extremely easy! No website ranking, no traffic, no user, where the user experience? Don’t worry, we proceed from the following slowly, do still can submit a satisfactory answer to the search engine.

love Shanghai update algorithm, especially since the beginning of 2013, what green pomegranate algorithm, algorithm and so on, which is said to be a few days out of an intimate search, all these changes love Shanghai, is summed up: more and more attention to the user experience, the previous ranking rules all behind it, let us now look, the search engine based on these trends, as a small webmaster how can we do the Shanghai dragon.

two, use the Shanghai love to share. Webmaster friends love Shanghai to share should not be unfamiliar, but you have studied? Love Shanghai share login page, look at his own description You’ll see.: 1, Shanghai share love bring you more traffic; data sharing mutual search engine with depth; 3, the use of "love Shanghai share can quickly be love to help Shanghai reptile found that the content of the website is love Shanghai crawl faster. So many of the benefits of why not? But only on the share code, no user share is not, at least not showing the effect of share. It must be in the content of the page under the time, try to add features to the audience, useful content, put the share button in a visible position, the user see the love will be the way to share their QQ or Sina micro-blog etc.. In addition to the website initial flow rate too little almost no sharing situation, you can invite your friends instead of what, let them help to share a few. Or to the Q group to find it, there will be like-minded friends.

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