Zac blog Shanghai dragon why not stable in the first rank




search engine algorithm changes will affect the site keywords ranking, as this is the webmaster keywords Shanghai dragon often concerned, ranked first in the Shanghai dragon why forum was replaced by the Chinaz tool, let a lot of Shanghai dragon Er that Shanghai dragon why forum has been better than in the past, all kinds of speculation by about half of the Public opinions are divergent.; time, Shanghai dragon why forum and went back to the first position, during which the ranking fluctuated from time to time, some "dark horse" but can keep only the ranking.

at the end of the April Shanghai love big update algorithm, Zac blog keywords Shanghai Longfeng ranked in the first home page, many owners think Zac blog long-term rankings so good, is because of a "relationship", the last MADCON conference Zac also talked about this; although the ranking is up for a period of time, but still can not stable. Is now back in the past, was replaced by the Shanghai dragon why forum. The last time in the forum made a survey, 75% of the owners think the ranking algorithm adjusted, keywords ranking will only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, down, as shown in figure

Why can’t

Zac blog stable rankings? From the station time, Website Trust, website from the point of view, the Zac blog is always less than the Shanghai dragon why forum, personally think it no way to stabilize ranking keywords that the user, the user demand will determine the site key word ranking, which website most suited to the needs of users then, Shanghai will love this site in the front row, of course, there are some other factors (such as the chain effect), through the relevant search keywords the Shanghai dragon can be seen, the user search Shanghai Longfeng demand changed, Chinaz some time ago has been in the front row, I wrote an article a Chinaz tool in the first row of the article: "love from Shanghai" click principle "website user experience", the contrast related search:


Zac blog on the website also provides training and Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon tool, but for the majority of Shanghai dragon Er don’t know, general to the Zac blog users are >

can be seen from the relevant search, changed Shanghai dragon tools and Shanghai dragon training in two the needs of keywords, search keywords before the Shanghai dragon may be a lot of users are interested in Shanghai dragon tools, but now search volume than Shanghai dragon training tool to the Shanghai Dragon (in addition to other related search Shanghai dragon training and Shanghai dragon tools may have been painted), so the Shanghai dragon training rankings will increase, which is why Shanghai dragon why forum will replace the Chinaz tool in the first row of reason.

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