What is the purpose and significance of the site optimization in Shanghai Longfeng optimization proc


third, the website structure embodies the website weight distribution details. We know the station optimization, especially for carrying the site the weights of the index page, clear navigation is a manifestation of weight distribution is very favorable, between the web pages and pages also exist within the weight transfer, to enhance the weights of the page must be through a good framework to set up a reasonable good template. The introduction page for page weight. On the optimization which page is assigned higher weight, weight, not formed between the inside pages of the home page and the weight of competition, they should be set and interdependent relationship, these are the core elements of the structure by weight distribution.

first, to enhance the user experience of the website constantly improve and. When users visit the site to find the first time required, and many webmaster for the layout of the content with the inevitable link, users to access a web site, can follow the website design successfully achieve can find information page to find the information you want, this proves that stationmaster is able to pass through the reasonable structure of the website will the key content is displayed to the user, can build through the website key module, to guide the user to find the information they want. The adjustment and optimization of these structures is undoubtedly the best way to increase user experience.

third, the control of Web site anchor text must be reasonable. Many owners in order to improve the keywords ranking, deliberately for website fixed on the keyword template, each page will appear a large number of core keywords, we know that the anchor text is a very effective way of weight transfer, but must not be abused, a reasonable set of anchor text is the webmaster to pay attention to the details. Not more than two times the best article in the anchor text chain, and the anchor text set do not all point to the home page of the website, through.

second, good website structure is the basis of the collected. This is a lot of large portal site is obvious, especially whether the structure of the directory hierarchy clear, rational planning of logical structure, clear site level can help search engines crawl the web page more smoothly. The physical structure of common tree structure and parallel structure for the site each have advantages and disadvantages, for a large site tree structure is the common structure layout and physical structure of small and medium-sized enterprises are conducive to enhance the overall weight of the site directory, because the site itself level is relatively simple, parallel structure is the way many small business site by using the.

we know that the structure of the site is Shanghai dragon in the optimization process can not be ignored a very important link, website structure is divided into the physical and logical structure, physical structure generally refers to the virtual space in many directories and files placed in the structure hierarchy, users are generally cannot be seen directly, and logical structure mainly refers to the line on the website, we link the naked eye can see web interface, both of which is to optimize the key content in the process need to pay attention to the webmaster. Then, we optimize the purpose and significance of the structure of the site where?

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