The success of the Shanghai Phoenix site migration strategy needed eight steps

confirm whether all the web pages have some part of whether the combined new web site or web site. This will enable us in the next step to make the new correct site map.

1: a survey of the basic situation of


if your migration is in the redesigned or new launch site, you may want the new station and the old version of the navigation navigation template has the same link. Typically, navigation changes can lead to large fluctuations in ranking (because the internal navigation is an important part of the search engine ranking algorithm). Therefore, if the navigation station if the changes will likely lead to reduce traffic and rank.

accurate understanding of the current situation is very important for the formulation of strategies, because only know the current situation in order to implement strategy after the analysis of whether there is a role to do. Here are some of the issues we need to investigate the popular search engine, search traffic, current search traffic levels, links, whether in the Google search engine index.

page title and Meta data, check and ensure that the old title and Meta description has been transferred to the new page.

if you don’t give the search engine to find the exact content of the mobile instruction (through 301 redirect), search engine is not able to refer to the new address through the original URL address. Because the link index is so important to search rankings, so if you don’t have a solid plan of Shanghai dragon is the consequence could result in loss of ranking and traffic, even before the user access through the bookmarks will lose. Therefore, from the old address to establish a 301 redirect to the new address of the search engine and users are so important. And remember, even if the change in the URL single characters, including changes in the size of writing, mobile content, are likely to cause the transmission links for search engines to correct. Today I want to search here in Shanghai Longfeng migration strategy planning steps.

2: Information Architecture

3: navigation optimization

5: site within the scope of the problem

check and make sure you move to a new system or no page design may cause the index or ranking technology problems appear. Avoid may cause duplicate content or text of the URL structure, through the Spider Simulator, it.

pageSo is the

4: the title and Meta data

search engine optimization is one of the key changes in migration and URL a comprehensive and effective strategy to deal with the. This is a challenging job to have very high flow site for large enterprises. The main goal of creating a Shanghai dragon migration strategy is: to maintain / improve search rankings and maintain / improve the flow of search and maintain / improve links, improve the user experience.

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