How to choose keywords website layout optimization of Shanghai Dragon

3, the content page / details page: long tail keywords


5, using the list of keywords source site statistics tools.

3, low competition

, high

4, in addition to the above three points, we can also in the related articles related to "recommend" "hot" "a" and so on to place the layout keywords…

, 2 channel page / column page: tail keywords.

So how is the keyword

then we will analyze and evaluate the mining. From the following analysis:

suddenly learned Shanghai dragon three months, from a small white to say casually now crackling say a lot of Shanghai dragon concept. At first set up this blog, you want to collect the article lays the foundation for their days after learning, read a lot, found people all say Shanghai is not difficult to imagine the dragon, do not forget the early heart. So I think when he is not the God of the left point of the article or recall what, if one day I became a great God, also lost, how to do? Hey, here entered.

3, use the search engine drop-down box and relevant search.

3, the degree of competition

1, search volume

1 home: the main keyword 3~5, auxiliary keywords about three.

2, a customer point of view to understand the needs of users.

two, keyword placement

, a choice / keywords

Shanghai dragon really that is also not difficult, you say he is really hard to. On the first day of learning the Shanghai dragon, the teacher told me that Shanghai dragon is not a pure technology, more awareness, that is to say on the brain.

4, from peer keywords.

1, high search

2, the commercial value of

we need to mining, mining from the following aspects:

anyway does not need Shanghai Dragon technology, if you write well, welcome.

after determining good keywords, we plan to place the layout keywords.

Keywords placement?

no matter what website, the website must have a core theme. Keywords subjects need to achieve, so the choice of keywords is very important.

of Shanghai Longfeng > key

finally, through mining and analysis of key words above, we need to determine the key words. The following points:

1, explore the company products and services ".

6, using a keyword mining tools.

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