Share Six magic website internal optimization

fifth: the reasonable layout: the website by others to search a large part of the original.

: some sites have a lot of pictures and JS code, and the text itself is very few, this is not conducive to the search engine spider crawling, can see from the picture search love Shanghai, love Shanghai to determine the image of the way through the file name, not the contents of the image itself. So the use of a large number of sites is very difficult to do the Shanghai dragon, even if there is such a ALT tag. In addition if it is a personal website, home page in the text to ensure a sufficient number of cases, click on the link is best not more than 150, also can have too much influence.

second, the relationship between link: if a site has many channels and columns, between different channels and columns do not Links, but in the column of correlation between mutual links, it can promote the overall association website. If the correlation between pages do Links words on the whole weight of the website is a loss, Links’s role is to tell the search engines you belong to the topic, what is the core of the website, so the correlation is very important, Links meaning in such.

fourth directory structure: we all know that directory deep will affect the spider crawling, but not all of the deep directory will not grab, as long as there are links to reach directly, then crawl is no problem, but the problem the number of links on the front page of the site can be placed is certain, so some deep directory no link to the spider to crawl, which will seriously affect the collection. In order to avoid this situation, we should try to ensure that the website directory is not too deep.

with the development of the Internet, many businesses have seen the power of the network, so more and more companies began to net sales. While many industries will choose the way with optimization promotion at the same time, it is in fact a personal website or industry website, website internal optimization are necessary. This paper focuses on how to optimize the internal today to talk about the website. The optimization of the site is generally divided into the station optimization and stood outside optimization, external optimization webmasters will is valued website and ignores the internal website optimization, in fact, the site itself to the search engine crawling is very favorable, for collection of good, well, begin today’s topic: how to effectively optimize the internal website and from six aspects respectively below and share.

First, using multi word

Well, the

URL: Third, unified website will generally enable domain name with WWW, although this is a two level domain name, but we have been used with the WWW website, so the site to give a unified, if it is determined. It uses the same URL should be all promotion in the future, while the remaining the domain name can do 301 to take the weight of all in one. In addition, the website page parameter cannot be URL too much, 2 is also acceptable, if more than two, then included will be difficult. Many large websites in this respect is very good, which we can learn from.

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