The correct view of blog culture problem

, the first is too much energy and time

for the manual registration blog is a personal webmaster, if registered dozens or even hundreds of blogs to management and maintenance, this is a lot of time and energy, and the effect is not immediately visible, after all the newly registered blog to slow training, if not registered to ignore, so the nature of the blog is almost no effect, therefore, is also a need for updating the website, publish links to the webmaster, if there is enough time to maintain your own blog, this is a very time-consuming, and requires daily timing of published articles update, or three days fishing, two days of the update site network form, is not able to bring significant effect.

second, the original material is difficult to find

second, found regularly updated blog.

release of the chain is always a problem, after all, is the need to weight high website stable link can bring help to your site so there are a lot of ads are deleted by the moderator, in violation of the rules, so many people began to study through the blog to express their hyperlinks or at the text, this way you can provide more reliable and stable the chain.

first, the blog article published generally included more quickly, but at a later stage that included the slow speed;

for this problem, but also to express their personal views and opinions, and we hope more exchanges, such as the wrong, I hope everyone criticism.

for daily needs to publish the article in a number of blog webmaster, he must consider the material is the most key factor, because, if only the acquisition or copying others article, and not to blog bring any help, once the Post search engine is not included, the quality of it on behalf of your article is not high, but in the face of dozens or hundreds of blogs to daily release so much of the original material, this is a headache problem, using instant acquisition software to collect data, so people also need to conduct additional processing of the collected data, so as to do the pseudo original effect, therefore, the maintenance and management of the cost is too big.

third, increase weight more difficult process


: there were a lot of stationmaster spent a lot of time in the training of my own blog, I also saw many webmaster registered dozens, or even hundreds of blogs, and then takes a lot of effort to develop their weight, for the nature of the phenomenon, I can only hope that the result is good, people think as follows.

If it is

I also registered a few Forum blog had tried, but found some interesting problems to share with you.

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