The use of SEM with the 28 law of Shanghai Dragon

1, using the matching way of bidding keywords for the long tail word


done for friends should know that there are three modes of search matching, the first is accurate, such as "Song KTV" is the word search can search results; the second is the phrase, "is also a song KTV", then you can search matching model can find there the search may be through the long tail keywords. The last is extensive, for example when you search for "Song KTV", the other is likely to search keyword "gather KTV", so under normal circumstances, unless it is to do the brand, if not generally less widely used.

in this way, we can touch the long tail word accurate, then we can be targeted to optimize the long tail word, so we can get the matching mode of bidding from the phrase back to use this way to accurately find precise long tail words, can save our bidding cost at the same time, can also be let us get the most effective, most of the long tail word search, then after Shanghai dragon after optimization, you can put the natural ranking love Shanghai, 360, search, and other search engines of the noble baby on the way, the author compared, is worth us to use, although the initial investment will be more cost, optimization the cost of the Shanghai dragon but it saves later.

28 is an eternal law market effective rule unchanged, its principle is the most important things tend to occupy only a small part of the day, about 20%, although the majority of the remaining 80%, only belongs to the secondary, so also known as the 28 law. For example, in the community, 20% people have 80% of the wealth, while 20% customers often with 80% sales, then from the key point of view to consider the issue, whether it is possible to bring 20% key 80% opportunities to make money

keyword bidding data on the basis of our Shanghai dragon, after all, for there is a benefit, the relevant data is the rapid accumulation of keywords, for example, the company has the relevant bidding Amoy K network key work, so I can understand what keyword bidding according to the key part of the 20%. Then you can continue to strengthen the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng area, so that you can gradually reduce the cost bidding keywords.

Why is

2, search for the 20% key words

?We can use the

SEM due to the effect will be much faster than the Shanghai dragon, so we can use the advantage of time to solve on the long tail of word collection, such as when using the bidding, we can take the "Song KTV" phrase set mode, and then in the range of 30 -90 days in the collection of long tail words, and, through love Shanghai statistical methods as shown below:


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