How to optimize the station website pictures

second, should pay attention to is not added some search engines to identify the label "ALT properties" this website is a picture of "straw" don’t give up!

fourth, you should pay attention to the size and format, it is best not to put some very special format, it may not be easy to be included, even if it is indexed by the search engines, users browse to the downloaded opportunity is very small, so we lost the intention of optimization picture.

picture website optimization need to pay attention to the following points, if you do not have to see the next web traffic is not great, if you do look up how much traffic, don’t tell anyone!

do a large picture website which we don’t rank? The answer is yes, we also need to have the website ranking in the search engine can be intercepted traffic. If only we do have price promotion which flow can not meet the needs of our website traffic, right, a website to develop your content to let many people know, so that your content will be more easily transmitted, only the content is very good communication flow you will slowly come up. This will make our website do strong, listing and financing website to this topic! Said it too far, or to say the picture website optimization

image station!Imagine if our own

Liu Changchun Shanghai Longfeng station optimization station is rarely talked about how to optimize the picture, picture and text station because more sites have a certain degree of difficulty, the text points may be better for keywords ah ah, text optimization, keyword ranking more favorable for this. In front of that (website page keyword and how to optimize the ranking) have friends worried about this today, which will first talk about how to optimize the

third, if we can in the web page with some description of the best, so you can make your image as a search engine of your material collection, picture station snapshot update soon! Note in the right picture, and match, don’t mess with the description.

sixth, this is also a very important means of publicity, this is reflected in the various portals, for example, love Shanghai, Sina, soso; everyone that often encountered in the reprint, you >


fifth, for some suitable location pictures with some appropriate links, such as site logo picture link address is the front page of our website, so that our logo picture is likely to be the search engine as our own website or logo, is a kind of material to the acquisition, but also is to make the link to us some the article describes the description, there are good effects on these pictures, these articles and these pictures will play a very good coherence optimization. This is the best effect, or, as long as we can find pictures included text, text as long as it can find pictures of


website picture category placed.

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