What do the 6 28 Shanghai dragon Er five hundred years

finally, certainly we no longer fear! Shanghai dragon itself is a continuous development of new things, is we need to study and summarize. Think about this change two years Shanghai dragon industry, we have determined to do 6.28, Shanghai dragon Er

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actually, we need not so, we should calmly treat this change! We love Shanghai really admitted that the algorithm updates the intensity is relatively large, but we don’t need to be afraid! In fact, if not to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er to update algorithm we do what? Every optimization of a good website, has been the same, there are several station needs optimization, there are several station to optimize! Love Shanghai this algorithm is better, but the change itself is a normal algorithm of search engine

! for five hundred years!The original,

2, some need to do to improve the user experience. I guess before many people write articles are to see the love of Shanghai, now not desirable! We need to write the user with love to see the article! Why do you think that the long tail keyword appears in the title, the long tail itself is many people look at the keyword

, thank you!

then, as a Shanghai dragon ideal optimization personnel, the site has not been K, but also affected! I analyzed many websites, do some conjecture:

3, put an end to the chain of garbage and Links, Ningquewulan! No longer go to the BBS signature type of spam links, not to easily exchange Links! We found many sites: Shanghai love chain included less, less Links less, but the ranking is good, need to be vigilant! And one day hundreds of spam links, it is not a day for a few high quality links slowly increase! We know that after this change, the hair of the chain is more and more difficult, love Shanghai anti spam began to show their power of

1, Shanghai love began to pay more attention to the original content, regardless of the site content and the chain is released! Some say Shanghai is not always pay attention to? Remember what I said is "more" and "original"! And one thinks high false original article, as well as collected original articles

! ! !


love the Shanghai earthquake, the June is a little cold! Do not say 6.22 and 6.28 K out of the station who love Shanghai, just say those vulnerable love Shanghai snapshot, many webmaster on the cold heart! And this time the United States "Forbes" the article said, search engine optimization (in the traditional sense Shanghai dragon) has been out of date, in Shanghai dragon industry after transformation, will die within two years! Suddenly revealed the countless stationmaster’s voice: Shanghai dragon downhill

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