Detailed angel investment behind unfamiliar not cast investment logicBusiness plan for synchronous

but for a variety of reasons, the project is currently running aground, with only a portion of it being posted on the blog and looking forward to more extensive communication with colleagues! Get more support and help!

"…… We will provide genuine synchronous electronic teaching materials, build a trust based synchronous learning and communication network platform, and become a leader in this field."

the logical reasoning behind "not knowing what to do"

one day in 2006, he and Li Kaifu went to Guangzhou on a business trip. In the hotel, he made a phone call to Xu Xiaoping and chatted about his business. According to him, Xu Xiaoping did not fully understand ", but also promised to invest a lot of bargaining," fifty thousand dollars? "Guo Quji rejected a $one hundred thousand must be. Xu Xiaoping said nothing, one hundred thousand one hundred thousand, second days to allow the driver to send the money.

to the domain name investment famous arena Cai Wensheng angel investors also have the wind. The early years of his entrepreneurial experience have made him a great entrepreneur

2007, the digital learning machine market continues to grow at a high speed

b. digital learning machine prices lower temperatures, may usher in large-scale peatlands growth

c. company mergers and acquisitions, manufacturers enter, to further stimulate the industry scale, such as OZing’s acquisition of Changhong it celebrities.

  enter, etc

copyright door is 20>

in Guo’s view, if Xu Xiaoping was hesitant, he may not start, and continue to do their executives dream.

, chairman and CEO of Lanting Pavilion, Mr. Guo micro-blog, claims to be a "casual entrepreneur"". Before starting his business, he was chief strategy officer at shlf1314 China and a special assistant to President Li Kaifu of shlf1314 Greater China micro-blog.


if you believe in this, there are two possibilities: one is to show that you lack humor, and two, it means that you may be the rich "idiot" who has the capital to enter angel investing.

But if the

The phrase "

is not every project "must not die", but not every project has Facebook potential, the only certainty is that angels, with gold coins angel came.

" is light, but full of solemn and stirring breath. In the first 2012 Chinese angel investor conference, Lei Jun again preached his theory, and a "the core of the theory is the color of Liuhe angel investment".

education transformation, a new round of teaching materials will soon be adjusted A. countries are now in the eve of the political reform, the policy by winning the people, tend to Tibet, rich people, to promote domestic consumer market, national education expenditure will be further expanded

b. enterprises are also in the two period of change, from manufacturing mode to creative mode, and the independent brand will set off a new round of rising peak

c., based on the above two points, coupled with a surge in the unemployment rate of 06 year college graduates, has stimulated teaching reform

kaiwah, patriot, in the identical reading Lang, Cassidy, Wan Hong school skills etc. the number 158 sales of 8 million Taiwan 2 million Taiwan first brand OZing sales of 2 million Taiwan 500 thousand Taiwan readboy share 25% 25% of the overall sales of 10 million units

2004, learning machines suddenly get rid of tepid situation presents rapid growth, and the driving force behind the emergence of the concept of teaching materials is synchronous, and breaking the "learning machine = English words memory learning" single category positioning, but this growth is due to copyright is not clear and shrouded in a crisis!

I from the field of IT business model, with the "Microsoft" business philosophy to create a "unified digital learning machine market education content providers". The digital learning machine, centered on middle school students, is only an entry point, and its goal is to direct the whole learning and education market and become the largest content supplier of digital education market! And, where possible, combine computer vendors to extend the product line, after all, the big screen of the computer is the most appropriate education experience!

angel investors are not from the sky, but from the entrepreneur’s side, far beyond the "six degree of space theory" boundaries. Yes, they may be the family of an entrepreneur, or a fool who has spare cash, and may be an entrepreneur’s buddy. With the famous angel investor Lei Jun micro-blog as saying, "do not invest in angels myth, angel investment is to support the establishment of a friend."".

as an important means of financing for personal entrepreneurship, angel investment in China’s development is still in infancy. Whether it is "not familiar with the investment" concept, or angel investment institutions trend, essentially defined angel investment is also a business. For entrepreneurs and angel investors, the success of crossing the valley of death is the primary goal.


is not set up, because Xu Xiaoping is "real", in his judgment on investment is very emotional, if entrepreneurs can impress him, even if he did not understand, even if not, he dared to hit hundreds of thousands in the past.

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