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after a period of consolidation, you can basically determine who you are standing for, and then turn them into your actual profitable users. Consumption is the absolute principle. Please remember this sentence, only your net friend in your station produced consumption, as for how to spend, that is your own thing. Remember to see a novel station, he and other free novels are not the same, the end of novel it must download fee, of course you can continue with more serial also can read, I think this is a very good model, but we must be ready to go to the copy. I said, others are always others, only suitable for their own is the best.

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is a community oriented group purchase, business class, in the form of group purchase starting community electricity supplier market is relatively easy, usually provide group purchase product in a particular season, such as a variety of seasonal fruits or special holiday group purchase group purchase, such as the mid autumn moon cake, crab, group purchase, as well as for hot events such as fog and haze can group purchase. Provide air purification equipment.

must believe in your IQ and believe you can figure out your own community profit model.

? What exactly does The

"community service O2O" means the community life of the residents better served through the internet. O2O itself means a combination of online and offline, while residents of community life activities are online and offline, constantly switching each other, so community service is a natural O2O project.

community network supermarket is an electricity supplier category. Around the community building network supermarket project all over the country, Jingdong in Taiyuan and Tang Long convenience store cooperation is also in this category. Community network supermarkets do not need to do too much explanation, we all understand, is aimed at community residents of the electricity supplier business.

traffic is here, you don’t make good use of it. It’s your own fault. See many webmaster are follow the alliance go, and their profits completely executed in other people’s judgment, like mother want to deal with you deal with, a superfluous words are not.

the previous three articles have many practitioners to contact me, there are executives of large companies, there are also some rich handsome entrepreneurs, of course, there are many so hard you can not think of the grass root, and the property company etc.. I understand the situation in this industry is still relatively large, all kinds of gameplay have heard. Can be divided into electricity supplier category, service category, media category, tools, social class.

"service" means the service market around the community;

analysis. A thorough analysis of the user’s components, how you come, what class, how much you earn, how much sex you’re interested in, your hobbies, etc..


, if your traffic is huge enough to be an independent IP of ten thousand a day, I absolutely don’t object.

here we don’t discuss how to make traffic, and now we’re going to talk about how to use them.

, now that the problem is out, what should we do,

well, a lot of talk. Now traffic has, you also use their own community characteristics, these traffic precipitation down, and become your community stable users, then how to profit? Or by hanging GG, sh419 advertising?

"community" is the residential area where most people live;

can make small gifts or something, which enriches the forum and provides you with firsthand information about what to do next. Of course, not limited to the investigation, there are many other programs. This requires you to use your own mind to analyze, to think, to find their own is a good way.

do? I’m here to give you a small example. You can make a questionnaire, of course no one is willing to give you fill out the questionnaire of

smart card >

"O2O" means the seamless integration of residents’ online and offline life through the internet.

The word "

man is good, do webmaster or, it is best to control their own destiny, and decide how to make money.

but I see more friends. Everyday IP is just a few hundred. Advertising unions have no way of feeding themselves. Not to mention relying on Web sites to get rich.

" community service O2O "is the word I at the beginning of 2013 in a reader to remind certain, this word is a bit too long nor too dry, but three key links, it can be clearly summarized in this industry first," the community "; second," third "O2O service" ".

wrote before the three article on community service O2O article, are "neglected", "community service O2O O2O community service: a simmering change", "business community service O2O gold? Not so simple!", the online search "community service O2O" is basically the I the three article of the three articles is a feedback time research on the industry. I was not only researchers in this industry, and the industry participants line with friends in the business, and so on share of this industry are keenly aware of the feelings.

community is able to pool a large number of like-minded users with a theme. Thus laid the foundation for the generation of large amounts of traffic.


community service has existed since the beginning of the community, but the level of community service in the early days is not quite the same as it is now. With the development of the Internet and electricity providers, O2O appeared, and when O2O met community service, the industry finally waited until the eve of the outbreak.

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