The nternet Environment survival of the fittest in natural selection survival of the fittest

these two days, the Internet is a bit more calm, or just a calm before the storm. The Internet is full of unstable circumstances. No one knows what might happen tomorrow. Many things happen without warning. A few days ago, Google also discussed the uproar, these two days tend to calm, Google may stay.

, whether it’s search for professionalism or "don’t do evil" business philosophy, Google is winning the hearts of the people. Perfect product experience and a sound corporate culture, so that Google in a considerable part of the hearts of Chinese netizens rooted down. This week Google Google attitude Monday The path winds along mountain ridges., turn Schmidt denies it will quit the China market ", from the tough attitude to close the China exit, China denied exit market, whether there are economic factors or other reasons, anyway, Google change attitude. Schmidt’s "I love Chinese people" by netizens joked "I love Chinese yuan, although Google in the Chinese market accounted for less than 30% of the total search, but because the market base, the less than 30% of the share is also very impressive. According to online reports, if Google pulled out of China, it would lose $6 billion a day. It’s big data.


on the two day, online comments on Google to become more rational, whether Google hype? This view more and more, but the government called China, obviously not a wise move. Under the Chinese social system, the government has absolute authority and is not allowed to challenge. The Internet has commented, "Google withdrawal is not constrained, it should leave." now, Google will continue to stay in China, for Chinese characteristic "censor search results" system can only compromise. Depend on others, can only see the human eye, this is Chinese social environment of the Internet, Google can do. May be contrary to the Google culture and business philosophy, but for the sake of interest, have to change themselves. This is the social environment for the survival of the fittest.

Chinese culture has always been advocating a middle course that can take temporary setbacks. A5 webmaster network diagram Wang article, "webmaster only better recognize form, can get more living space", teach webmaster recognize the current network reality, see hard forces, and compromise, change strategy. Some people applauded, there are people. Some people think that graph king be instigation, as the mouthpiece of the government, and grassroots opposition, support graph king votes dropped; but if you continue to think rationally, radical, what is the result? Grassroots groups also belong to vulnerable groups, in the face of tough government network reform measures, how to continue the fight against? But, because the grassroots is covered all over with cuts and bruises, not strong enough, destined to be sacrificed. The reform of the Internet in China is a social trend. It has a strong Chinese character. It was born in the Chinese society and can only adapt to China’s national conditions. This is not to be changed.

powerful international companies such as Google, in China, lower the head of pride, not what capital grassroots groups how to achieve the ideal, not the reality hit? Although graph king so-called "recognize situation" too.

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