Personal website prospect thinking website should realize the four modernizations as early as possib

recently I attended several Internet Conference salon, benefit, in short, put some classic things up, today the formation of the title, personal webmaster should as soon as possible the realization of the four modernizations:

1: before the commercial personal station is purely rely on the support of interest, most owners basically not a long-term plan, which is basically a businessman with no business thinking to operate the site, if your site from the first day to begin planning, without considering the future commercial. The road is a slim, unprofitable website will make people lose power, this is the most basic reality. Therefore, it is suggested that the individual station should consider the website operation as soon as possible from the merchant’s point of view and commercialize it as soon as possible.

2: professional entertainment station, garbage station future have faded down, the Internet is moving in the subdivision of the direction of professional development, should consider professional planners in each so before you start your website, and the portal, is not realistic, the plan itself should be from their own familiar the field of field of interest, will be your site specialist, even a very sub industry, bigger and stronger, the market is also very impressive. Discard garbage stations, portal stations, so that your website onto a professional road.

3 project: now the Internet has not 02 years before it in the fierce competition that we need teamwork, technology, product planning, editing, promotion if a clear division of labor, the implementation of strong, can improve the success rate of operation site. So an extension project is team oriented, simply speaking, is the site should be planned at each stage, let the goal, project, each stage has a goal, so even if you are in the face of setbacks will not be at. To give a simple example, such as planning a site, how much traffic should be reached in the first stage and how much a member should bring. In the second stage, how much revenue should be reached?. The third stage, among the forefront of the industry, and so on.

4 Brand: if your website from the planning before there is a belief, that is to do the same industry in the first few, let everyone know your brand, you in the implementation of the process of confidence will be doubled. In fact, branding is a key factor in the future development of the website. If you set up your own brand, why don’t you make a profit? Advertising can be arranged until 2020. But the reality is this, advertisers see is your popularity in the industry, an unknown website proved that he is not enough promotion, brand extension is not good. Therefore, as a website operator, you should continue to prompt your hand, to make a brand, so that we all know our site. Of course, this is only a guiding ideology, the specific details of the implementation is still relatively long, the implementation of the brand requires the division of labor in all aspects of teamwork.

well, talk so much, I hope for your help in planning the site before him as a planning site guidance! "

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