Talk about the core idea of product sales site promotion


product marketing site says it’s a shopping site that allows visitors to buy products through product introductions on the site. Here is a brief talk about the promotion of such websites.

a clear purpose, the first thing to make clear is that the sales website is for the customer to do, and his ultimate goal is to sell the product, the more the better. In this way, when you write the soft text, less on the site description, more of the product introduction, so that product information is more simple and clear.

two, how to find your customers, there are many shopping sites, daily traffic is not small, but it is strange that no one buy products. In fact, now more and more a part of the hard advertising effect is not satisfactory, especially those big portals, they demand in this area is not large, plus a lot of people are tired of the psychological effect of advertising, so often the opposite. This time is more suitable for soft text. In place of user needs, providing comprehensive product information, but the effect will be very good. But someone will ask, what kind of people, what kind of crowd is your potential consumer, this requires you to collect more personal information, and more experience.

three, the user’s trust may be a lot of people have encountered such a situation before, access to the site, a big picture, almost finished the entire screen, and then go down, the company address, the company phone. Ask, "what would you think if it was you?". Are you going to buy the product because of that big picture? I think most of the answers are negative. While standing, you should stand in the consumer’s position and consider the concerns of the consumer, so that your turnover will be promoted by the chief officer.

four, user satisfaction has been a step of trust, then is to make customer satisfaction, from the pre-sale and customer service, have to pay attention to, to do this, the personnel of the service requirements of the site is relatively high, they first need to fully understand their own products, asked in the customer problems you should know that, there is one aspect that is integrity. A lot of people want to sell their products with a bit of cheating. I have a friend who works as a holder. He told me that for some time they sold them to the district. The customer asked if this could be used to clean the glass. He said, "how about water absorption?".

in fact, in these two functions, this can not be achieved, because consumers are still more trusted sales staff, but it is not the same after taking it back. He’s sold it once, but even for a website that wants to grow for a long time, it’s like this, and I’m sure you can sell the product at the most. Thus losing him and his friends around him forever. And finally to death. Finally, reprinted please indicate the author’s small station connection, DNF game: oh.

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