A local forum can earn 200 thousand annually

article let everyone laughed. This article is a real webmaster story, I hope we can help. This time I called the station I will not show. In 2003, I started contacting web production, when I was studying FP. Then there was the opportunity to come into contact with power 3. 51 and free power 3. 6 and easy to move 4. 03, the follow-up version of mobile is no longer studied.

in 2004, a friend of mine in the county town, he resigned and started an Internet company. At that time is to sell computers, to help others do the main site. There seems to be no business. Mainly his efforts to make the site is not home, but also stay in the FP stage, and engage in a few simple static pages.

half a year later, he found out he was doing well. Later on, he also made a move CMS. Here are some simple stories from the county. Mostly from TV, in the newspapers. At this point, he recruited several salesmen. In our small county town, doing this line of business is called IT industry, it seems to be very enviable. In order to expand the popularity of the site, the county’s various Internet cafes home page is set for their home page. On the main roads of the county seat, hang up billboards on their websites. Soon, the traffic rose. This time, they take the initiative to find a salesman, shops, county and township shops, hotel advertising, help them to do some HTML page introduction for example, then the home prominent position put their picture link to the past. Business is incredible.

in 2005, their website thoroughly revised, easily deleted, and directly get a forum, so interactive more powerful, more web site traffic, Internet users participation higher. He has already succeeded. The assets are said to have been in excess of one million. There are no junk ads on his forums, all local businesses.

summary: This is still relatively simple to write, but smart webmaster friends, you from my article, should be able to harvest it. If you have local connections, the local forum + salesman is your best choice. A county, 4000 merchants, you just eat 10%, 400 merchants, a merchant, a year website publicity, construction management fees 500 yuan, that is, 400*1000=20 0000 yuan. Of course, you can also raise prices, after all, many businesses still hold mysterious attitude to the website,

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