BAT attack mobile medical outflanking to survive in the cracks can be maintained

not only was hot in July this year, but also in mobile medical circles. It was very hot, the first wave of fall, who is



big data analysis, search technology and medical technology Baidu wins the three layer strategy of closed loop

overall, BAT in the mobile medical layout in the medical field has been ready to Baidu, officially signed medicine refers to community synchronous registration service platform, large data analysis, search technology and medical technology, formally completed closed-loop strategy three levels (people and services, the line closed loop closed loop closed loop, the product itself in addition to the investment Tencent); and since the territory (such as registered net, sugar, lilac, a doctor) will pay to build public number + WeChat WeChat wisdom system in the hospital, on the other hand, is good at playing the "medical" brand, plus social medical intelligent hardware started nine medical, Plantronics engraved PNUs and WeChat, mobile phone QQ cooperation, to provide users health data monitoring, sharing, and implementation of WeChat QQ user guide. Along with the huge traffic line started to Alibaba, Ali health and future hospital on medical cooperation and fierce storm, not only medical and health services, health hospital also launched Ali cloud platform, realize the whole process management of medical service line, also plans to "not to" construct ecological hospital one-stop platform, coupled with Tmall the Medicine Museum around drug business to establish the leading position of business development.

"to take all, otherwise it will not" BA do not eat cookies,

medical vertical segments

if the breakdown of the layout of BAT medical services, basically based on investment and self built, covering most of the business covered health management, medical services and pharmaceutical business. Interestingly, in the BAT project, in addition to the Tencent investment and construction of the sugar mother network doctor, Baidu and Ali is no food medical vertical segments to take all the cookies, otherwise it will not. The hope for many BAT olive branch of mobile medical vertical industry segments entrepreneurs, will undoubtedly go home early.

a user will be 200 yuan, general A rounds below entrepreneurs who play from


nevertheless, for the vertical areas such as mother and baby, diabetes, chronic diseases and cancer, the biggest expectation of these mobile medical entrepreneurs is to integrate the resources on the line and form a complete closed loop. And often go down the line, and eventually set up a special hospital or a combination of hospital system. In the middle of the risk in addition to the risk of funds for, and began to enter the mobile health drops fast with money fishing for the user of the Warring States period, not a capital you can not play, can not play the doomed users no longer have to play with you. It is understood that last year the doctor sent iPhone6 almond register to download the lottery, the average catch a doctor users about 130 yuan (including cost push). The almond forest, which focuses on physician users, has recently made a fairly good online registration campaign, according to marketing officials, with an average user spending only

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