Online show Wars Online nightclub


are you tired of playing online? Go to the online show. The first time into the anchor room, may be a bit strange. But full screen flashing art words and dynamic expression will make you dig 15 yuan, buy 1500 gold coins point song. Then you will enjoy the pleasure of the anchor who is thanking you for the presence of more than ten thousand people in your room.

please don’t be intoxicated for too long. The balance is not enough. You shot again, the room immediately for your generous applause. Finally, you occupy the nearest position from the anchor and be content. Suddenly, you were kicked out of the room or turned into a turtle. Together with your name, it’s attached to the screen.

the supreme ruler here is the God of the gods, and the men with the crown and stars behind them. They can not be reached high above the horizon. In desperation, you have to continue to dig up your pockets to join the great family and assist in the management of the room every day. Occasionally you imagine starting a family and earning management fees. I hope someday you can turn someone into a turtle.

yes, it’s a perfect summary of "you", a fan who wants to be famous and enjoys watching and trying to get attention online. More importantly, this has become a business model. In 2012, the United States gathered in the United States market, its YY voice (referred to as YY) video live will bring this model to the front desk. Beijing, six rooms Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as six rooms) CEO Liu Yan to Global Entrepreneur, said: "this brush presence of consumption can account for more than half of its overall income."."

online show’s origins are not glamorous. Since its birth, it has been labeled "ambiguous economy", "cock silk economy" and even "soft pornography" and other labels. After establishing the basic rules and practices, the water users in the video video community (hereinafter referred to as quack) and six rooms have carefully monitored the minefield, divided their territory and grew steadily.


market is getting hot. In the second quarter earnings report released by YY in 2013, 9158 of YY music market revenue grew by 189.3% compared with the same period, and it has replaced online games and online advertising as the largest revenue source in the era of togetherness. This allows several Internet giants can not help but join them. For example, "I want to promote the Tencent, Baidu intends to expand the K" social services, Youku will open the video show.

mashup mode

"no good, no experience."." Dong Guanjie, co-founder, told Global Entrepreneur it was the first reason he failed in social media. "In 2006, the market still does not exist, we hear ­ video word" feel bad ", how to make money do not know."." Thus, Dong and Zhang Hongtao, Wang Yongqiang, three people had to abandon the idea of entrepreneurship, re – nine to five. They chose Wang Zhidong, founder of click technology. Over the next year, they used amateur

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