Ten key points to remember before you leave your job

now that he can run away, why bother running away now,


doesn’t like your present job and can’t be a reason to quit your job. It may sound like a reason, but not a strong enough reason. It lacks a strong sense of mission. Although everyone is likely to become an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

There is an old saying in

: "winners never run away, and fugitives never win.". "I personally disagree with this sentence. It’s rather arbitrary. In my experience, winners should know when to run away. Sometimes, in life, you have to know how to stop. If you find yourself in a dead end or going astray, you’d better admit it bravely.

in my opinion, a true fugitive is one who flees only when one thing is difficult. I have also played the role of "flight runner" many times in my life. I had escaped the weight loss program, escape the exercise class, I had run away from his girlfriend, run away from the business, writing and learning. Every year I will put some things to "next year" as an excuse to escape. So, I know what it means to run away, I’m an escaped man.

owe a lot of money on me or penniless, escape is the most easy thing; creditors in debt, escape is the easiest thing to do in the tax bureau; tax payment call, escape is the most easy thing; in failure of the project partner or leave, escape is the most easy thing. Whenever I am in trouble, the idea of running away follows me like a shadow and waits for me.

for me, being an entrepreneur is a journey, a journey I’m still on. I believe I have to keep learning new things. I like business and I also like to solve business problems. I have many times in order to curb long-term losses and had to turn off a company, turn around and start a new beginning, but from my business the whole journey, I have never been on this journey to escape — at least until now.

"now that you can run away, why should you rush now?" in those difficult times, I can find too many reasons for my escape. However, whenever I hung up and saw the words in my lucky candy, I told myself, "I really want to run away, but today, forget it, tomorrow.". "Fortunately, that tomorrow has not come.".


resigns, keep in mind the ten main points,

1. check your attitude. Attitude is everything. We do not advocate being an entrepreneur for making money. There is a much easier way to make money. If you don’t like business and the challenges you are facing, then entrepreneurship is not for you.

2. takes as much experience as possible on the five level of the B-I triangle. Don’t take a job for money, but value what it can bring you. For example, if you want to get some experience about how a business system works, find one at McDonald’s.

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