How to do a good job of cosmetics stores

with the people’s living standards continue to provide, for cosmetics, skin care products demand is gradually increased, with the investment of entrepreneurs continue to join the ranks of the industry quickly in development, more and more people to join, which means that the pressure of competition is more and more big, how to improve the cosmetics franchise brand competitiveness? Xiao Bian believes that the decoration is the first core competitiveness.

, a cosmetics shop is just like a woman, not only have a beautiful appearance, but also to have rich connotation; the design and decoration of cosmetics chain store it is top of the company unified style, unified image, but we should pay attention to the store and display of appearance. Some decoration is to attract the attention of customers in the past, slow down the pace of the customer.

as a cosmetic franchisee, our chain store care about three points:

is a time: we start from the rented storefront at the moment, our business has already begun, every day there is a cost in pay, personal suggestions don’t spend too much time in the decoration in general; about 30 square meters of store, preferably in 3–5 days and two days of completion of the renovation, on the container, put the goods, this time is very tight, for your reference!

two is the cost: how much money decoration, vary from person to person. Some of my friends want to shop decoration strength, more beautiful, more attractive, not what is not good; early makeup shop investment is not a small number, in the decoration of the time we recommend, to the province on the left, the ceiling is generally the same, see how many lights installed, more light, more expensive high. The shop wall casually brush a layer of color wall paint or scraping a layer of melamine, can also use the wallpaper, can, because the store filled container, the wall basically inconspicuous.

three is beautiful: store the container must be placed South transparent, and out of order; so the decoration of the shop in the store in order to reflect the products, the shop spacious; smaller stores, the decoration of the time may be appropriate to use the large wall mirror, such as: the cashier on the wall; the wall mirror that gives the visual sense is very strong, especially can bring out the shop spacious and bright!

through the above recommendations for the decoration of the summary, I believe that as soon as the business of cosmetics franchisee, has a very good plan. Most people in the first time to enter the cosmetics store, usually with a short time in the shop to see that part of the counter products to decide whether to go to the store to see. Shop in the decoration, the main target of the common characteristics of customers, to create a style suitable for its taste, such as fashion, youth, lively, happy atmosphere. The store has never been included in the decoration layout, should try to integrate aesthetics, psychology, advertising and other related knowledge, to create a common interest in the target customer groups; as far as possible

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