The product is good and strong Yquem fishing tackle

in order to enjoy more leisure time, many people have chosen to go fishing, more personal nature. The product is for Yquem fishing fishing enthusiasts to provide quality products, so many consumers spend unforgettable leisure time, welcome.

the company now has a membership of more than 2000 stores, franchise stores hundreds. The company culture and the growth of a large number of high-quality customers and fulfill the international outdoor company Yquem to join customer commitment "to stabilize the market, steady development", has been highly recognized by the majority of customers, won the good reputation of the industry.

Yquem international fishing tackle strict area to join the sales to retailers, products directly, without any intermediate links and costs, bring more benefits for fishermen and businesses, to ensure market stability, no worries Chuanhuo chaos price. At the same time, the strategic alliance China professional fishing TV channels, magazines and television and other media, the annual comprehensive strength of promotion, new media advertising, a large number of terminal direct advertising, annual promotion.

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