Small business continues to Beckham children’s toys easy to shop without Mika

we all know that parents are most willing to spend money on their children, then there is an unlimited business opportunities, then the investment project which is related to the children, but also to make money? The best answer to this question is that the real profit business. Do small business to make money, you will choose to invest, or shop. What small business to make money, small series can not tell you the most accurate answer, but small series can tell you the most real case. "Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared to make money for those who dare to act."

however came in, everything seems to be not so. Although he is a consultant, but here it was found for a landlord feeling, 300 yuan per month wages, work more than 14 hours a day, most of the work is to put a large color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, sent to the five or six storey home buyers, and often at night to work overtime late into the night. This is not what, more people can not accept, as long as the work slightly a little wrong, even for overtime too late at night, the morning to 1 minutes later, to be in the 300 yuan of income deducted as part of staff incentives.

since there are these people, the mall will no longer hire delivery workers, because shopping and delivery work be made one, the boss is very.

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