Wang Rengang’s business

how to do business, different operators will have a set of operating rules". After all, such business experience can be found in the actual operation of the process slowly. Wang Rengang, as a manager with several years of experience, naturally has its own business. Now, let’s get to know how Wang Rengang works.

more than six in the evening, Shandong, Henan Province, south of the supermarket in the World supermarket is extremely busy, the owner Wang Rengang stood in front of the cashier, while the money side chat with customers day.

this year, 45 year old Wang Rengang shop has been for more than 3 years, speaking voice is relatively large, very talkative.

purple supermarket run up and down two floors, a total of more than and 500 square meters, the upper part of the sale of daily necessities, the lower selling sugar and wine tea. Supermarket business area is large, there is no special warehouse, Wang Rengang on the stairs to the heap of goods. He said: "this will save money to rent the warehouse."

Wang Rengang is very flexible in business. Purple supermarket next to a relatively large area, he opened the two door, so that customers in the district directly back door can come in to buy things, very convenient. Purple supermarket goods more than the whole, if there is occasional customers want the supermarket without the goods, Wang Rengang will let the customer write down the name, he specialized to buy. In addition, buy brand-name goods in the shop will not sub Wang Rengang. He said: "the shop to engage in business, we must ensure the quality of goods, brands are not!" One time, Jack Wang Rengang into a Hodge son, himself with a broken soon. From then on, he no longer into the brand-name goods sub.

now, big business super, convenience stores, small supermarkets around the corner of the city, to the public’s life has brought great convenience, but also exacerbated the competition in the retail industry. Purple supermarket is also facing pressure in this regard. Shortly after Wang Rengang opened the shop, the next door opened a small shop, Wang Rengang did not dare to take it lightly: shop is a small competitor, can not be careless."

for some time, he found that the sales of wine and wine sales in the store is not as good as the store, the reason is that the store is less than the cost of sales. He began to think of ways to try to reduce costs. Bulk purchase can reduce costs, manufacturers engage in the activities of more points, can also reduce costs. With these measures, I put down the cost of the purchase, the commodity price can be set to a little low, do not lose money to sell." Wang Rengang said.

distance from the supermarket is not far from the supermarket there is a big super, crowding out some of the community supermarket living space. Wang Rengang is a good man, he contacted a number of medium-sized stores, unified purchase, reduce costs, through the price advantage for the community store to win some space.

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