China’s colleges and universities will open a comprehensive innovation education courses next year

this year, the Ministry of education has introduced a number of measures to guide colleges and universities to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship education. At present, China’s colleges and universities have been entrepreneurship education and employment education, encourage students to choose the future of entrepreneurship.

12 11, issued by the Ministry of education on the work of the national college graduates to do the work of the employment of the notice, requiring all colleges and universities to do a good job in the employment of the graduates of the 2016 session of the 2016. The circular pointed out that from 2016 onwards, all colleges and universities should set up innovative entrepreneurship education courses for all students to develop innovative entrepreneurship education required courses and elective courses, into the credit management.

in entrepreneurship, the requirements of the Ministry of education, colleges and universities should through cooperation, transfer, licensing, Small and micro businesses to create the first transfer of scientific and technological achievements of College graduates. It is necessary to raise funds through a variety of channels, such as the establishment of the school, out of school cooperation, venture capital, and so on.

the current number of college student entrepreneurs in China is improving, but the success probability is still at a very low level, on the one hand to improve the professional quality of college students off the record, on the other hand also need full support from all walks of life force.

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