The secret of success from scratch


of the last century, the story seems to start empty-handed beyond count, now, start empty-handed no longer so simple, in fact, as long as the catch good project, grasp the following points, start empty-handed entrepreneurial success is no longer a dream.

1, refused to mediocrity stimulate desire

if you satisfied with three meals a day of mediocre life, do not want to start empty-handed, to create their own piece of the sky, you don’t want to change the present situation, do not want to get rid of the dilemma, who have no way to get you. Therefore, a strong desire to become rich, the desire to succeed is the source of strength and the starting point for you to become a big cause, nothing else can not be replaced.

the mediocrity of life makes people lose their

the lost illusions, stimulate the desire to rise head and shoulders above others

2, select the project from scratch

because of the choice and great people. If Lu Xun did not give up the study of medicine and choose again, would not be Chinese writer Liu Yonghao private entrepreneurs if they don’t give up teaching, would not have today’s hope group. Someone asked a start empty-handed success how to be successful, the successful said: "the most interesting choice for you, you can play the most expertise, then in this line to become the top three."

select your strengths as a life-long career

as soon as possibleThe

start empty-handed dispel concerns.

the start from the basis, gradually developing and growing

3, build confidence and passion

1. I believe I can succeed

the optimistic, positive attitude, enterprising

4, really recommend

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