Today’s office workers should look at how to work and entrepreneurship

is now a lot of people are not very dissatisfied with their current job, wages, social consumption is high, which makes many workers got the idea of starting their own business, but business is not a simple thing, let’s talk about how to treat workers should work and entrepreneurship?

from three years ago began to assist the Department Director, the boss began to recruit, to now have not left the recruitment. There are many managers to do after a certain height, the general love specific matters are put to the recruitment assistant or administrative manager to do the recruitment, actually think especially the last conversation before the couple entered the company is very important, if you think these people are your best with team members, they have a direct AC.

For the new

second factors are there in this industry, the choice of what kind of company, also said that the electricity supplier industry, what kind of company there, do the concept of money, have to make the world rely on technology, have near investors play the numbers listed, there are short-term speculation false accounts, a platform to play all have, loss making, and a few unknown to the public doing ordinary work, but can be bigger and bigger. Choose a good company, you can make your efforts more valuable, or you will be vice president, you have to leave before the listing.

third factors in this company, you choose what kind of job, and what this position in a team. Everyone’s ability is only

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