To learn how to adjust the mood shop


said that now people shop too many to count but everyone, attitude towards their career is not the same, as operators, also need to learn to adjust their emotions, to be able to better state to face shop management. Graduated from secondary school up to now, nearly ten years. Over the past ten years, I have worked as a security guard, worked as a salesman, and worked as an assembly line worker in a factory.

at the beginning, the feeling of the store is very boring days, and sometimes sitting in a cashier in a daze, do not know how to spend time, waiting for customers to come back to god. Real life let me burden more and more heavy, face less slowly past smile, there are several checkout time incorrect at a loss. It was not until I met the old man that the situation changed slowly.

the old man every day, holding a broom sweeping the garbage in the street in front of my shop, I often see him not walked smartly a little ahead with cleaning, old hands at work, his face is not a trace of sorrow, all of a sudden, my heart is of respect for the old man. Later, listen to my mother said that the elderly have pensions, children’s family conditions are also very good.

once, old man came to my shop to buy water, I asked the old man, the cleaner of low wages, but also from dawn to dusk, when you can enjoy life at home, why? The old man said with a smile: "I’m restless, a good way to sweep the floor is exercise, as long as the work is good." Looking at the old man, I’m ashamed of myself. I am young, open a shop, why not shop business was of sound and colour?

some people are still struggling for the life of the white haired, some people do nothing but young, everyone’s attitude towards life will be different. Life is fair to everyone, so I start to enrich myself. In the busy days, I pick up a pen to write down your thoughts, learn business management from the industry magazine, published occasional received royalties, the heart will have infinite happiness, their mood is also getting better.

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