This form of food and beverage is quietly occupied fast food market

some time ago Kentucky emerge in an endless stream of health problems, because food safety is one of the topic of concern, so there will be a health problem such a serious blow to the fast food industry, leading to a foreign fast food brand sales decline is large, in this form, a new form of food and beverage are now increasingly eroded the fast food market, the is the supermarket catering.

according to relevant data, from the beginning of 2008, the sale of food and semi-finished food stores, supermarkets and supermarket formats in this category has nearly 30% of the growth performance.

these supermarkets are ready to eat, not only to provide a special experience of a good dining area, even the menu is the chef customized. Will not be a trend in the future of China’s catering industry will become one of the biggest competitors in the fast food industry

we can make nothing of it this good case, catering to introduce a representative of American supermarket Catering: wfmi’s 365 brands; hope to bring some enlightenment to all business.

positioning: 18~34 year old young man

365 is the largest organic whole foods supermarket whole foods market’s low-cost sub brand, currently has two branches, one in Losangeles, one in Oregon, Viggo lake, third stores will be opened in Seattle in September 14th.

365 supermarket for customer groups are young people aged 18~34, this part of the group of ingredients is relatively high, they love health and natural food, love fashion dining family, and hope the price is cheap enough.

for the needs of young people, 365 supermarket is how to please the young people do?

dishes: rich and convenient, cheap

365 supermarket, in addition to supply of natural organic ingredients, can also provide self-service enough to buy the instant food and semi-finished food, and even open the name "Alai gro coffee shop," customers in the coffee shop not only can gro Alai buy coffee, also can buy beer and Wine.

In addition, in order to cater to the young people’s spending habits, 365 supermarkets in the shops are set up four drinks sales area, a total of more than 400 kinds, and below the $20 price of a single product sales.

on the surface, 365 supermarket just whole foods market for low-end consumer market launch of the sub brand, category selection is not so much the price a lot cheaper, the relative area is not so big, but the Deli in the area has increased the proportion of them.

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