How to join the good house

nutrition good porridge Road, in China good porridge road this brand is everywhere, of course, this also shows in the breakfast porridge a good porridge road is a strength of the brand, it is worth your join. Fukuya good porridge road with excellent and diverse products in the current market porridge in the top, well received by consumers, now has a high popularity, many consumers, brand influence, attract investment and entrepreneurs to invest, how to join Fukuya good porridge road?

Fu House good porridge road how to join

Fu House good porridge road join conditions:

1 a legal person, natural person or other organization with legal qualifications. Good luck to join Fook House Road, such as partnerships, partners shall not exceed three people;

2, a good business reputation and character, with a commitment to the cause of food and beverage development and toughness;

3, joined the blessing house good porridge Road, to be familiar with the local market environment and consumer demand, there is a certain economic basis and investment strength;

4, have good social relations, have strong interpersonal communication, financial management ability;

5, agree with Fu House good porridge Road business philosophy, obey the headquarters management, actively cooperate with the headquarters of the market operation, law-abiding, standardized operation.

Fu House good porridge road joining process:

1, investment advisory: investors by telephone, fax, online message and other ways to Fuk house good porridge Road headquarters of professional investment consulting consulting related matters, to obtain relevant information.

2, field visits: investors to the headquarters of the project site visits, and business communication with the headquarters staff.

3, qualification: Fu House good porridge Road headquarters for investors to review. Confirm the qualifications of investors.

4, signed a contract: Fu House good porridge road official website is the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a contract.

5, pay the cost: investors to choose the type of investment to the headquarters to pay the relevant costs.

6, headquarters training: Fuk house good porridge Road headquarters to arrange for investors to carry out technical training, training qualified after the issue of authorized bronze medal.

7, store decoration: headquarters for the blessing of the good house porridge road to provide decoration guide, and design guidance.


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