Nanchang 156 staff members of the suspension of entrepreneurial personnel relations reserved

in order to promote the economic development of Nanchang, reduce the pressure on people to start a business, to promote the formation of a large entrepreneurial atmosphere, Nanchang City, the first time to allow enterprises and institutions to suspend business employees, the original unit can also retain personnel relations.

it is reported that in order to promote better and faster development of non-public economy, in August last year, our province issued "on the staff of state-owned enterprises and institutions approved by the suspended lead the founder of issues related to enterprise.". According to the relevant regulations, employees of state-owned enterprises by the unit approval of suspended lead the founder of the enterprise, both sides signed the agreement, to clarify their respective rights and obligations; institution staff with the permission of the institution, the approval of the competent authority, can lead the founder of suspended enterprises, the original unit retains its personnel relations.

it is reported that last year, Nanchang City, a total of 6 state-owned enterprises and institutions of workers handling Lingban suspended formalities to start a business, suspended personnel mainly concentrated in Nanchang County, the New District of Xihu District.

in July this year, "Jiangxi Province on promoting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples began to implement some policy advice". According to reports, the province of universities, research institutes and other institutions on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship undergo professional and technical personnel, with the consent of the original unit, can keep the human relations in 3 years.

Statistical data from

in the Nanchang City Administration Committee subordinate units, there are 27 people go through the formalities of business off. During the start-up period, these people can retain personnel relations within 3 years, and with the original units on the same staff to participate in the post title evaluation of employment, job promotion and social security and other aspects of the right, but wages stopped.

"pre departure, entrepreneurs need to provide proof materials such as corporate business license." Nanchang City Management Committee relevant responsible person said that the suspension period expires or suspended request back to the original unit, arrange the work according to the original post treatment; suspended period, 3 months back to the original unit for reinstatement, transfer or resignation procedures, according to the automatic separation process.

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