What are the criteria for opening a store

is now a lot of shops to do the scale is very large, relying solely on the owner of the individual can not do business bigger, naturally also need to recruit the relevant staff. However, in the end what kind of staff is appropriate, each industry will have different standards. So, what is the standard to open an optical shop to recruit staff?

A: dedicated

countless survey results show that professionalism is the most preferential conditions for the recruitment of staff in the optical shop. People who are loyal to the shop and active in their work are the most popular people in the shop, and those who are eager to change jobs, lack of patience, lack of modesty and do not work are the least popular.

two: ability

capabilities include several aspects, one is the ability to respond. Quick response is essential for successful treatment of things, things often requires insight into the opportunities in the aging must be quick step, because the time had irreparable. Two is the ability of the team. If you want to do a good job, can not be based on personal interests, we must have a team spirit, the overall interests as the starting point, to make everyone convinced decision. Three is the ability to innovate. The growth and development of glasses shop is constant innovation, the progress of science and technology change rapidly, the competition in the market is changing, the status quo is outdated. Four is the ability to adapt, we must pay attention to the adaptability of the environment, to avoid the use of extreme personality, because such people are often difficult to get along with.

three: experience

previous work experience, especially in the experience of working in an optical shop, is also one of the basis for investigating the clerk. If it is a fresh graduate, it can be based on their activities in the school or the exposed ambition, drive and professional ethics.

four: age

glasses shop clerk’s age and the target customers should be about the same age, for example, you can not let the forty or fifty year old people go to the video shop to work. And the sex of the shop assistants should be matched with the customer’s gender and the goods, so as to help the customers to choose. For the construction of complex, highly technical products, the sale of more suitable by the male clerk.

the right shop assistant will play a very important role in the development of a store’s business. Therefore, if you want to succeed in the operation of an optical shop, but do not know how to recruit employees, then, with a small series of the above presentation, and now you know an answer?

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