Han Geng starring westward journey will challenge Stephen Chow

Han Geng as the mainland’s relatively high visibility of a singer and actor, by the mainland audience favorite, after some time ago in the youth film "the growth of all things", can be said to open the show, the recent news that Han Geng will play the "westward journey 3" in to Jamo.

Jeffrey Lau will continue to shoot the "westward journey 3" news is no secret, after Athena Chu and princess Karen Mok "regression, today announced the news, Han Geng will replace Stephen Chow in a corner of it.   Han Geng moved to the big screen in recent years, in the youth film before the growth of all things, starring in the water, can be regarded as a successful test the water. But the "Westward Journey" as the impact of several generations of classic movies, Stephen Chow zhizunbao version before, in the end can not breakthrough only when the release of the film at.

Han Geng will appear in the scene as

Ng Man Tat zhizunbao;

It is reported that

, starred in the film as Lin Chiling, twins, William Chan, He Jiong, Wu Jing etc..

"westward journey 3" is by the people’s attention, at the same time, the film also awakened many people’s childhood memories, for a corner of Han Geng’s performance of the Joker, people are very looking forward to.


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