Ye Shigen set up a new business building on yew

The name

yew may have been heard, wild yew has become endangered rare plants. Great economic value and ecological value. Zhejiang’s Ye Shigen in his hometown is committed to promoting the cultivation of yew, the achievements of many people’s ecological dream of becoming rich".

"either as raw material or seedlings of Taxus species, benefit is very considerable. I want to teach technology to more growers, so that more people get rich together." Ye Shigen said.

through 10 years of development, Zhejiang green agriculture and forestry science and technology company has become a comprehensive enterprise in agricultural biotechnology R & D, flower seedling planting, breeding of rare and endangered plants, landscape engineering design and construction, the ecological cycle of efficient farming, agricultural leisure sightseeing tourism development. Ye Shigen was elected vice president of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang province green seedlings flowers brokers branch vice president, Lishui Flower Association President and other duties, and access to the Zhejiang agricultural science and technology demonstration households in Zhejiang Province, ten nursery stock brokers and other honorary titles.

see Zhejiang green agriculture and forestry science and technology limited company of Ye Shigen, he is busy in the yew base. As long as there is free time, I will come to the base, watching the green grass is particularly good mood." Ye Shigen said. Conversation, his words and deeds are all revealed to dare to be the first, dare to bear the simple quality.

leaf Shigen, was born on 1966 in Long Zhen Jian Sheng Cun lived in a poor family, is a native of shanliwa. Independent character led him out of the mountains, rivers and lakes battles "". Through years of hard work, he earned the first pot of gold in his life. He said with emotion: "success comes from a bold dream, the right direction and unremitting efforts."

2003, the leaf Shigen created Zhejiang Green Agricultural Technology Co. ltd.. Through detailed market research and analysis, he chose the known as "Panda Plant" as the characteristic industry development direction known as yew, and established long-term good relations of cooperation with scientific research institutions and famous universities outside the province, hired a number of experts and professors to provide technical support, establish the operation mechanism of seedling planting breeding technology and advanced market.