The natural charm to conquer the consumer market blue print shops

people see many chemical fuel rendering material, often for those most natural and simple colors and fabrics of interest, so the blue calico shop in this market environment, nature has its own market, development prospect is very attractive.

in a life of grass juice, fish, flowers, birds and animals will be many simple and vivid characters such as landscape scenery printing into pure blue, and the human survival of the land, mountains, clouds, snow white is simplified to the sanctity of the noble…… This is a simple, lively and profound aesthetic principles of blue calico.

khaddar, hand dyed blue, in traditional handicraft production, integrated with modern styles, so that each piece of blue cloth agency work exudes a thick China cultural taste. Doudu, backpack, cushion, tablecloth, jacket, dress, or hanging on the wall or wall all stacked in neat arrangement or cabinet, see dazzling, dizzying. All the objects in the home, like a work of art, to add to the life of both classical and stylish atmosphere.

in blue cloth bag, mobile phone bag, and other small general price in 100 yuan, clothing from winter to summer, from short to long ranging from more than and 100 yuan to seven hundred or eight hundred yuan. In addition to the finished product, there are a variety of patterns of blue cloth can be purchased, home in accordance with their needs for processing, the price of 18 yuan per meter.

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for this customer, blue cloth agency vice president director Zhu Ruiqing explained: "I have favored a plus, but because the blue calico is China unique, there is an important point is that the west of retro pursuit, and the requirement of environmental protection. But the blue calico is a special thing, garments in temperament has a cultural connotation of the people, the kind of beautiful and dignified and elegant silk is even incomparable; if you wear in the countryside peasant farming body, blue calico is more soil, contrast is very obvious."

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"blue cloth to the club, there are a lot of reasons, but the main attraction of their own or blue calico some properties, such as cotton, clothes made of special absorbent.