Zhang Yongbo meticulous service recognition

had to buy a thing to run a few kilometers is very normal thing, but now the business has come, even in rural areas, the number of stores are also up. Therefore, if you want to let the shop business is booming, naturally need to have their own unique skill". Over the years, is located in Shandong Ji’nan Zhangqiu Mingshui street love supermarket, business has been good. On the morning of August 1st, I came to love the supermarket, when asked about the owner of Zhang Yongbo’s business services, he told the author: "as the saying goes, the customer is god. In order to make the store more business, can not do without customer satisfaction services. However, it is not easy to satisfy every customer, so be sure to grasp the details."

terminal display fine classification

in the love home supermarket, customers can quickly and easily find the required cigarettes in the cigarette counter. Because here, all cigarettes in accordance with the brand, the price is placed in turn, clear zoning, and price tags correspond to one by one.

Zhang Yongbo said: "in order to better show the brand and type of cigarettes, I will be the production of cigarettes alone partition display, in accordance with the price level in order. As a result, local customers will soon be able to find favorite cigarettes, but also to attract the attention of migrant workers or tourists."

for the display of cigarettes, Zhang Yongbo will be the main push for "font" or "ladder type" put back in the cabinet, lively and creative collocation display contrast specification box of cigarettes neat and transverse cabinet, both for the convenience of customers, but also has the visual impact.


in maintenance

How does

get along with customers? This is a learning.

Zhang Yongbo said: "a few months ago, a young man came to my store every day to buy cigarettes, each time only to buy a cigarette. Sometimes, I would like to introduce him to other specifications of cigarettes, but he did not care, put down the money with the smoke go. Later, I began to try to communicate with him, slowly, I am familiar with him. Every time he came to the store, I would say "you’re coming!" He will be happy to respond to me. Gradually, he began to trust me. I introduced him to some new cigarettes."

in the daily operation of attention and keep in mind the customer’s name and shopping preferences, so that customers feel valued, the customer’s heart naturally have a good impression on the shop. This is a good start for Zhang Yongbo.

after-sales service to

once sold, the relationship with the operator is completely out of it? Zhang Yongbo doesn’t think so. He believes that, as a manager, not only the sale of goods, but also through the exchange of goods to achieve the value of the customer relationship. < >