Jiang Kaichao’s entertainment

a store business is popular, whether you can get the affirmation of the people, often with the boss’s service attitude has a great relationship. In hot weather, people do not want to go out and stay at home to enjoy the cool. So, a lot of rural retail customers shop business, but a deserted house, I found in the visit, come to Chiang Kai Shek’s shop, are able to see a lot of people together, there are chess, poker, drinking tea and chatting……

Chiang named Jiang Kaichao, Anhui Fuyang City Yingshang County Sai Jian people, two people of husband and wife open a shop. When I asked why the store always gathered so many people, Chiang smile out of his "entertainment" life to the author.

is popular in order to have wealth. As a rural store, naturally from the needs of rural people to consider. Where that most rural people is in the busy season, usually almost always idle. Especially in recent years, the rural left behind old people young and old groups are usually send children to school is nothing to do, some wandering in the street, some go back to waiting for school children. The shop was from the school and where rural hospitals are relatively close, the surrounding neighbors are willing to go to him to sit here.

The beginning of an

, only a few old neighbors come to him, Chiang see everyone have nothing to do, it proposed several people playing together, so as to pass the time, but also to enhance the feelings of the neighborhood. Later people together more, in order to facilitate leisure and entertainment, Chiang Kai Shek and for the chairs, tea, this battle naturally bigger. Since then, his business has started to get better.

many people, where their "entertainment" life less, but his "entertainment" more. Previously, he was accompanied by the customer to play cards, and now he is more of a good customer logistics support. Every morning, he would like to burn the water in advance, prepare a small snack, but also the tables and chairs, poker, chess and so ready, so that the entertainment can run smoothly. Although relatively hard, also need some extra spending, but from this busy Chiang find joy, the store sales also increased a lot than before, especially the cigarette sales growth is the fastest.

this is not really a "entertainment"? Popular entertainment, will naturally be more popular. Entertainment and business win-win situation, let Chiang more determined this business model, he will be a "entertainment".